Meet Firefly Hollow Continuing Education Director Angie Wrightstone


Angie graduated from Massage Therapy School in 2001. She began her career onboard the MS Ryndam Cruise ship working as both a Fitness Professional and a Massage Therapist. After the contract ended, she spent the next 7 years as a massage therapist at The Spa at the Hotel Hershey, performing different massage modalities along with Spa treatments.


In 2007 she was hired as a Massage Instructor at the York Campus, Baltimore School of Massage. She was promoted in 2010 to the position of Education Manager. Her tasks included overseeing the Education Department and teaching staff, conducting professional and technical trainings for faculty, teaching in the classroom, and sharing her passion and love for massage. Angie also was brought on as a corporate trainer, traveling to other campuses to teach and train Instructors in various modalities, dynamic teaching approaches, and classroom management skills.


In 2014, Angie was again promoted to a corporate position, the National Coordinator of Programs for both massage and skin care. Her responsibilities included writing, managing and creating new curriculum. She also developed various print, digital, video trainings, and resources to support faculty, ensuring all faculty were equipped and prepared for success in the classroom.


In addition to maintaining an active PA license for Massage Therapy, she is also a Board Certified. She most recently became an approved NCBTMB CE Provider. Angie has a love and passion for education, and over 12 years of experience teaching both students and established practitioners. She feels learning must be fun, interactive, and engaging. Self-care, body mechanics, and the overall health of a therapist is something she integrates into all of her CE courses.



Angie is a magnificent instructor in massage therapy. She has a gift for sharing her passion and the benefits of specific modalities. 

She was my instructor for many classes and I have used and applied the knowledge to benefit many of my clients. The classes that had the most impact on my work are Russian Sports Massage and Integration of Structural Bodywork in my sessions. 

She uses language and examples that make it easy to understand, apply and follow during her classes. Her classes are very structured and systematic and allows all ages and learning styles to benefit from her teaching. I love her style and have tried to emulate it in my teaching style.

-Carolyn H.


I have known Angie for approximately 7 years now and find her to be an outstanding teacher and massage therapist.  Angie is patient and thorough and is careful to assure that she is communicating in a manner in which everyone can not only understand but successfully utilize all the techniques which she is teaching.   Angie is highly recommended and a huge attribute to the field of massage therapy

-Elizabeth K.



"I am so blessed to have had Angie as one of my instructors while in massage school. She is a fantastic teacher! She is a wealth of knowledge, her instructions are clear and succinct, and her techniques are unique and amazing! Learning from her and studying her techniques has directly influenced me as a therapist, and as a result I have been able to maintain an 80% request rate and impress clients from all over the world! I would love to continue training with her and recommend her to whoever I can. She made a difference for me and my career, I know she'll do the same for you!"

-Laura M.


I have had the opportunity to work professionally with Ms. Wrightstone in the capacity of peer and educator at BSOM in the past for a number of years.

I can attest to her advanced level of knowledge, enthusiasm in presentation of materials, and expertise of massage subjects from Anatomy & Physiology, to specific massage techniques such as Myofascial Release and Sports Injury & Prevention protocols, to name a few.  She has the ability to connect with her students and bring them into the lessons so that they can grasp the academic and the kinesthetic levels necessary to become an effective Massage Therapist.

-Rhonda G.


Angie was thorough, detail oriented, kind, compassionate, and overall wonderful to study under. Her teaching method was easily understood... from hands on techniques, verbal lectures, and written work; she made sure that everyone, no matter what their preferred method of learning was, she was able to accommodate them specifically. I always felt respected in class and knew she was available for any additional support I needed. She went above and beyond for her students and her kindness and knowledge has stuck with me throughout my own massage therapy career!

-Alannah R.

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