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Samia Abreu

Samia Abreu Ayurveda Massage York PA


  • Reiki Treatments
  • Private Ayurveda Yoga
  • Ayurvedic life-style initial consultation
  • Ayurveda follow up consultation
  • Seasonal Ayurveda consultation
  • Ion cleanse and Crystal Mat detox

About Samia

Samia Abreu experienced her first yoga class in 2008 in her home country, Brazil. After relocating to the United States in 2011, she decided to leave the telecommunications industry in which she had worked for more than 10 years in order to pursue her dream of becoming a certified yoga instructor. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Yoga On Orange in Lancaster, PA in April 2013. Samia is also a certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher.
The practice of yoga and the introduction of an Ayurvedic life style changed Samia’s quality of life for the better. This experience led Samia to pursue her certification as an Ayurvedic yoga specialist in 2015. Samia can now share this ancient form of natural medicine along with the practice of yoga to help others.
For Samia, yoga is not just “exercise” but rather a way of living life. As an instructor, it is her goal to transmit her passion for yoga to students and share her enthusiasm and knowledge to help others to improve both their physical and emotional well-being. She loves yoga and she brings the gift of this love to her teaching.

Samia has great energy hands!

Reiki just reinforces the notion that it is just as important as massage for better health and healing.

Terry Martinez