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Fall Open House at Firefly Hollow
Saturday October 22nd, 2022 || 10AM to 5PM

Firefly Hollow is thrilled to announce our 5th Annual Fall Open House! This year we are offering our customary discounted mini services, Free Lectures, and Fun Workshops!!
Early Booking for mini services Starts Wednesday October 19th!
  • Discounted Mini Services
  • Gift Certificate Sales
  • Make-n-Take Workshop Stations all day
  • Special Evening Event:
  • Psychic Gallery with Kara Lovehart



Open House Terrariums

Station 1:

Terrarium DIY

In this open house workshop you are welcome to join us and build your very own terrarium.

A terrarium is a small enclosure or closed container for growing small living plants.

That’s it! So Simple!!

In this hands-on workshop, you will pick from a few different sizes of terrarium to build. You will receive an instructions and care card as well as all the materials to create your own majestic creation. There will be a selection of easy to care for plants and succulents as well as some decorations to embellish your work with!

$20-$50 (depends on the size you make)


Open House Fall Wreath

Station 2:
Wreath Decorating

At this station you can choose from 2 different size wreaths. Then you will have the opportunity to decorate your wreath. Using hot glue, ribbon, flowers, crystals, leaves, greens, etc. You be able to personalize and infuse your intentions into the work. You can create a beautiful personal wreath for you to enjoy or to give as a gift!
“Wreaths are part of many ancient traditions dating back to the earliest civilizations. The circle is a symbol of immortality; throughout history, wreaths have been associated with life, rejuvenation, and renewal. Originally, wreaths were worn around the head, neck, or waist.”

3″ Wreath $10

6″ Wreath $15


Station 3:Open house Candle Decorating

Candle Toppings

At this table you will have the opportunity to dress the tops of a few candles. You will have the choice of 3 scent options.

Fall- Cloves, Pumpkin spice, black crystals, cinnamon sticks, star anise, etc.
Relaxation/Love- Lime, orange, ylang ylang or clary sage, ylang ylang, and lavender- rose quartz, rose petals, lavender, etc.
Refreshing- lemon lavender, clary sage, amethyst, carnelian, pyrite, clear quartz, dried lemon slices, lavender flower

Utilizing a hot air gun, you will heat the top layer of the candles and melt just a thin layer of wax. Once its melted you can add your dressings to the top of your candle. The wax will quickly harden so I suggest placing crystals and solid object first and herbs last, in case a reheat is necessary, you wont risk burning your herbs.

3-4oz candles $25



*See service descriptions below or read more here.




  • Table Massage- 20 minute massage session (clothes on) on a massage table w/aromatherapy.
  • Reiki- Gentle energy work. Balancing and relaxing, this session is a 20 minute mini reiki session.
  • Oracle & Tarot Consultations-Intuitive Coach Matt Suter & Tarot Consultant Pat Dumas will utilize the power of archetypes as well as the visual tool & art form of card interpretation to help answer questions in regards to your life’s journey. Questions related to work, health, life’s purpose, relationships, & more welcome!
  • Astrology Readings-Astrologer Pat Dumas screens your astrological birth chart or/ transit chart to interpret current & upcoming events or circumstances that may be influencing your life. This is a fantastic tool for validation, internal exploration, & direction. Pat Dumas specializes in what is called Karmic Astrology AKA who you are and why you have certain personality patterns.
  • Ion Cleanse- Great for support of detoxification from: tobacco, mold, chlorinate or toxic chemical exposure, electronic pollution.  Clients experience increased join mobility, decreased pain, better sleep, clearer skin, and more with repeat use.

*not recommended for those whom are pregnant, or are on medications that must maintain sustained levels in the body as the Ioncleanse may speed up the detoxification pathways decreasing pharmaceutical blood levels.

  • Crystal Mat Sessions- This is deeply relaxing, and includes a custom meditation geared to balance the hemispheres of the brain. Great for stress relief, pain, sleep issues, detoxification, and to support overall wellness.

*not recommended for those whom are pregnant, have electronic implants, uncontrolled high blood pressure, or heat sensitive MS.


Special Evening Event

After the days festivities, we are transitioning to an intimate dinner event. This event will be catered and will be a Farm to Table Buffet experience! Guests will enjoy a chef made meal with locally sourced produce!  Psychic Medium, Kara Lovehart will conclude the evening with a psychic gallery reading! This event will be quite the experience!!

Come and enjoy a Chef made, Farm to Table Dinner and Psychic Gallery Reading with Psychic Medium Kara Lovehart.
Dinner will begin around 6:30p
Gallery Readings will begin around 7pThis is a limited seating event.Tickets are $60/person
Kara is known for her fun, down to earth, relatable approach to intuitive education and personal empowerment.  Her psychic reading style incorporates aura reading, medical intuition, connection with the spirit realm, and helping her clients identify their own intuitive gifts.
Guest will enjoy a meal
Soup, Salad, Entree, and “Dessert with Spirit” as the evening meal dessert will be enjoyed with group gallery readings.
*There may not be time for all in attendance to receive a detailed reading but each in attendance who wishes to participate, will receive a brief energy screening.