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Mind Body Detox

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Mind Body Detox™ is a Full Spectrum Holistic Program with services & education supporting true healing & transformation!

What is Mind Body Detox?

Mind Body Detox is a program designed to address our “crutches” be they
spiritual, emotional, or physical.

Most detox programs are strict, hard to follow, exhausting, & sometimes
even too daunting to try! With this program YOU choose which toxin/toxins to tackle for 8 Weeks! During the program we strive to help you succeed by addressing physical, emotional, and/or spiritual blocks.

The number one reason why people don’t succeed at losing weight, quitting
smoking, or overcoming any other “crutch” is because the root of the
problem isn’t being addressed.

This program is designed by YOU with the assistance of our practitioners to
help you choose the right plan for your success! This 8 Week program assists you in exploring yourself with simple daily support protocols that are customizable to your comfort. Each week targets different aspects of yourself to fully address the root blocks to your wellness.

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