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Please Be Aware: Due to Covid Screening & limited hours at this time, not all practitioners are accepting online booking, AND you must book at least 4 days ahead IF booking online.
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Intuitive Services

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Astrology Consultation $120.00-$150.00

Astrology is an ancient art that has been in use for thousands of years. It utilizes the movement of the planets and stars as a celestial clock to help us understand the patterns that reflect into our personal lives. During an Astrology Consultation the Astrologer deciphers the positions and interactions of the planets to help you better understand the aspects of your life’s journey. Most people find an Astrology Reading to be very validating, often putting into words the patterns and habits that exist throughout one’s life.

Astrology is far more than the horoscopes that you find in the news paper. That only relies on ONE point in your chart. In order to have an accurate Astrology Reading you will need to know the place, month, day , year , and time that you were born.

Scheduling an Astrology Consultation requires at least 1 week’s notice & a $50 deposit to ensure time to prepare your Astrology chart.

Natal Chart $150 (Full Birth Chart)

Astrology Chart Updates $120   (Annual Check-ins, Transits & Relationship Charts)

Astrology Parties $45/Guest

*Astrology Parties are also a great way to share astrology with your friends & have fun learning about this ancient system of cycles & patterns.


Biofield Analysis $120.00

Have you ever wondered what color your Aura was?  Biofield analysis takes the perception & interpretation of colors around the human body to the next level!

How Does It Work?

The human body runs on electricity which creates a magnetic field surrounding the physical form. Some call this magnetic field the “Aura.” A trained practitioner can view the aura and pinpoint any areas that may be causing physical or emotional imbalances within the person.

Biofield Analysis, also known as a Medical Intuitive Consultation, can be used as a unique supplemental health screening tool, potentially locating underlying health issues or root causes of specific ailments.

During this session, the practitioner will illustrate on paper colors, wave patterns, & subtle information regarding physical & emotional components of  the overall view and health of the biofield.

Bioenergy Analysis is great for gaining deeper insight into underlying health issues by tapping into the wisdom of the unconscious that is reflected in the aura’s structure, colors, & wave patterns.


Intuitive Coaching $100.00

Are you having a “spiritual awakening” or life changes that have caused a time of confusion or reflection? Intuitive coaching is a great service for anyone who is re-evaluating their life or intending on making changes or overcoming obstacles.

A practitioner who has trained and developed their intuition helps clients who need guidance in the journey of life. Questions regarding relationships, health, career, and spirituality can be addressed during an intuitive coaching session. The practitioner may use prayer, visualization, intuitive writing/drawing, or other methods to assist in the intuitive process. The overall focus of the session is based upon the client’s direction in life at that time.

*This service is also very popular for those who are learning to navigate their own intuition, identify as an empath or highly sensitive person, or anyone wishing to turn up or down their “intuitive volume knobs.”


Oracle Reading $50.00

Oracles date back to ancient times! In our modern day we may call them intuitive, seers, or even wise teachers. We all have that wise teacher inside of us if ever we need guidance, but many of us may not be able to connect with that guidance or think clearly during life changes.

When we are emotionally attached or concerned about a life circumstance, it can be confusing to find answers or direction. During these times we can turn to many different types of spiritual guidance, and oracle readings are one of the many spiritual tools we have to help!

Oracle readings are best for receiving guidance pertaining to specific questions that arise during life’s journey. During an Oracle reading, the practitioner will use art work on cards and interpret information provided by those cards.

Oracles readings are used for clarification, affirmation, and to assist in seeing other perspectives to help you make decisions that can lead you in the direction you are seeking.

Why Oracle Cards?
An oracle reading is a visual representation of information shared with our clients during an intuitive reading session. This visual representation comes in the form of beautiful cards with illustrations depicting symbols & insight. Some people think these are “Tarot Cards” but we assure you they are not. Oracle cards come with images such as animals, angels, nature, and countless other oracle art. During a oracle reading you can gain insight on things that may be blocking you in your life, tools or perspectives to help you in moving forward, and inspiration to give you the energy to move in the direction that you choose. Basically, the cards give you something that can help create “Ah Ha” moments during your intuitive reading session.


Mind Body Spirit Reading $160

A Mind Body Spirit Reading is a combination of an Oracle Card reading with Matt and an Biofield Analysis/Aura Reading with Kara.

Must Call To Book!


Tarot Consultation $50.00 - $90.00

Utilizing the 78 cards of the Tarot deck, Pat can help unlock the energies around you at any given time. Pat views the tarot as a tool of empowerment, giving clients additional information to best make change and progress in their lives.

If you have questions about relationships, career, your spiritual path, almost anything, Tarot cards and their symbols can be used to help see your question from a new perspective. As Pat says, “Using the Tarot as a problem-solving tool is like being on a spiral staircase. You see the same problem, the same issue, but from a new perspective.”


Afterlife Communication $120.00

When loved ones pass on we can still have contact with them through dreams, visions, or even feelings or smells of their presence. An intuitive practitioner called a “medium” is either born with and or trained to connect with the other side.

During an Afterlife Communication session the practitioner may communicate with loved ones using the language of spirit this “language” consists of mental imagery, symbols, words, sounds, and feelings. The purpose of an Afterlife Communication session is for validation and healing for the living to assure them that their loved ones who passed are still with us and at peace.


Space Clearing Outcall

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Kara was spot on!

Definitely exceeded my expectations! It was a great positive experience that reached the depths of my being. The warmth and compassion given made me feel at home. The tools and guidance presented to me were things I needed to hear to get past some blockages I am having.

Amy Myers

Kara and Matt not only have amazing gifts themselves, but they are able to share them and coach others through their own awakening and awareness of the gifts that are manifesting themselves in their lives.

Both Kara and Matt remain sensitive to, and understanding of the fear, resistance, and discomfort that someone may be feeling when they are having spiritual experiences that are potentially frightening and definitely beyond the person's known experiences. They are willing to provide guidance and, equally importantly, tools and concrete actions that can be used to help mitigate or deepen the experience, depending on the individual's current state of mind about what is manifesting in their life.


I cannot recommend Firefly Hollow enough.

My friends and I had a wonderful experience at Firefly Hollow with Kara last night. For most of us, it was our first time with a medium. Kara alleviated any of our worries right away. She was patient, kind, and gentle, and we all left the session with a feeling of peace and love. The experience allowed us to strengthen our bond of friendship even more, and we all left with individual positive affirmations and pieces of advice from Kara. It is an experience we will never forget.

Erica Plappert

Finally! A Grounded Intuitive Coach

Kara provides very tangible and down to earth advice while still accessing the realm of spirit

Stephanie Dodd

Gifted Medical Intuitive!

Kara is a professional, genuine and respectful intuitive. She quickly zeros into the important issues with support and kindness. I love knowing I can investigate and attend supportive classes and individual sessions whenever I feel the need or interest.

Pam Neale

They were extremely professional and very supportive!

Kara and Matt came to my home and helped me to clear my house and my person of undesirable energy. They were extremely professional and very supportive. I believe they have gotten me back on track, and I'm never getting off track again!

Marianne Hanford

Game Changer.

Big Thank you to Matt and Kara. The energy audit that you taught during the Intuitive Development class has helped me immensely when dealing with my family members and the people at the grocery store.

Sarah Samuelson

I left my session with more confidence in myself than I have ever felt before

Amazing! Had an intuitive coaching session with MATT.... it was so freeing, empowering, so much enlightenment, courage and blissful. I left my session with more confidence in myself than I have ever felt before. My experience was remarkably powerful.

Stephanie Reyes

I did the afterlife communication with Kara. What a wonderful, truthful experience.

A wonderful place - they make you feel right at home! As soon as they open today, I am scheduling the massage with infra mat special....I am so excited!

Wendy Hess

My experience truly defies words. I left with a sense of calm and peace that I haven’t experienced in decades.

As a psychologist I am weary of life coaching in general, but Matt was phenomenal! An absolute wealth of knowledge, his genuine and empathetic nature radiated from him. I never anticipated having such a life changing experience.

Shelly Duckworth

We drove almost 2 hours away not knowing what to expect. Well, we are COMPLETELY satisfied!

We adore Matt! We came here for our daughter who was having some trouble at school. (She wanted to see a Holistic therapist instead of the norm.) It's very hard to find one in our area, so we drove almost 2 hours away not knowing what to expect. Well, we are completely satisfied! Matt is great! He made us feel warm and welcome with his amazing smile, he's soft voice and young attitude. He not only helped our teen but he made my husband and I feel better also! He was amazing with Our little girl. She went from nervous shaking to calm within 10 mins of talking to him. He made her feel not only safe but calm. She connected with him in more ways then 1. So... Thank you Matt and Firefly Hollow for helping us! We will see you again soon! The Brown Family!

Rabecka Brown