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Jamie Fay


  • Integrative Energy Healing
  • Astrology Consultations

What is included in An Integrating Energy Healing Session with Jamie

90 Minute Integrative Energy Healing Sessions with Jamie include:

  • Reiki – Usui & Medical Reiki
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Crystal Therapies- Including one of our Infrared Crystal Mats Add-Ons (optional)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Intuitive Messages- May include Oracle Card Pulls
  • Eating/Nutrition based insights
  • “Energy Updates”- Information regarding the current “astrological weather”  or other cosmic shifts.  This information helps empower her clients to understand how the current energies around us may pertain to symptoms clients may be experiencing.

Jamie provides nurturing, intuitive, and very professionals healing sessions. She uses practical tools for her clients to use to help find and achieve balance in mind, body, & spirit.

Astrological Consultations with Jamie

Psychology depiction with gears and 2 human heads with astrology zodiac chart and crystal ball

Jamie offers different types of astrological consultations including:

Natal Chart Astrology – 90 Minutes
Natal Transits – 60 Minutes
Specialty Medical Astrology: Health & Wellness Astrology – 120 Minutes
During a Health and Wellness Astrological Consultation, Jamie Fay dives into how we can use Astrology and the personal Birth Chart to navigate a person’s physical body make-up (their Ecosystem) and how to best keep that ecosystem balanced and supported for optimum health and wellness. Areas she focuses on include:
* How the Elemental balance of the birth chart reflects the balance of the body
* Assessing whether the life of the client supports the highest expression of their soul’s blueprint (their Ecosystem)
* The body’s warning signs, described in the birth chart, if that ecosystem becomes imbalanced for too long
* Planetary movements (transits) that could be energetically affecting the Ecosystem of the client at the time of the consultation
* Tools and techniques the client can use to support and/or re-balance their Ecosystem to assist in optimizing overall health and wellness
Using Astrology and the birth chart to address the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of an individual assists in giving one a more well-rounded, “wholistic” approach to achieving optimum health and wellness. This consultation is a great addition that can be used in combination with nutritional counseling, Integrative Energy Healing and/or the Mind/Body Detox program.


All Astrology Sessions must be booked at least 1 week in advance.  Astrology sessions must be prepaid and booked via phone by calling 717-814-9136.



About Jamie

Jamie is an alternative holistic health and wellness practitioner for the modern-day individual searching for answers.

Using her background education in the Biological Sciences, in combination with years of certified training in Integrative Medicine and Metaphysics, she brings to the table a trove of knowledge that only a sliver of our western culture has, until recently, been willing to tap into.

Her mission and calling is to assist in bringing these ancient arts back to the mainstream to ultimately help in showing people the different choices available to living a happier, healthier life.

Jamie essentially works to create a bridge between the spiritual (universe) and the physical, with the purpose of helping people who are looking to unlock the keys to their highest potential and limitless power.

Her unique combination of timeless healing modalities and the ancient spiritual science of astrology allows her to tailor a method to assist individuals uncover the best version of themselves – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

She believes tapping into your own hidden power – through both body and soul – helps you discover your greatest potential in this lifetime so you can shine your own magnificent light in this world. This most
often requires “diving deep” within ourselves to illuminate the keys that hold these gifts, but to also illuminate and heal what might be holding us back.

Her beaming personality, compassionate nature and down to earth modern vibe ensures an uplifting, heart-centered experience meant to inspire and empower all who choose to work with her.

She specializes in alternative energy healing, professional astrology consultations and life/health coaching. She is both a Usui Reiki Master/Practitioner and a Certified Medical Reiki Practitioner (CMRP) trained specifically by internationally renowned Reiki Master Raven Keyes to perform energy healing on medical patients in surgical and operating rooms.

She currently serves on the board of the Baltimore Astrological Society, is a member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners, the National Council for Geocosmic Research, and can be found listed in the CMRP directory of Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

When not stargazing or performing healing sessions, Jamie can be found pumping weights at the local gym as she is an avid fitness and nutrition junkie, devoted to fueling her body and soul with movement and holistic nutrition.

She is a certified Personal Trainer through the American Council of Exercise with a specialty focus on Sports and Fitness Nutrition as well as a Certified Intuitive Food Therapist through CIFT.

She is a mom to both an amazing son and her two tuxedo “fur babies” and enjoys other interests such as: fashion, music, dancing, nature and an amazing cup of hot coffee. She currently resides in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.

Jamie Fay


Reiki transformed my thoughts about trauma, healing, gratitude and the potential for depth and meaning in life - Jamie changed my life.”



Jamie has been an Angel in our lives. My son has been colicky since he was born and so he did a Reiki session with her and it completely changed his behavior. He slept, he wasn’t fussy, he came home calm and relaxed. She has the touch of an Angel - highly recommend!


J.G. Testimonial

Jamie is a truly gifted astrologer. Her reads are insightful and accurate, to the point where she was nailing down specific days... and what she said could happen, happened. Moreover, her willingness to listen and offer advice on issues -- rather than just do the read and go -- is something I admire greatly, as she truly is a giving soul. Definitely would recommend her. Five stars all the way