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Top rated Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, & Holistic Wellness services serving the York PA area.

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In York Looking for: relaxation or deep tissue massage, acupuncture, pain management, infrared sauna mat sessions and more? Come visit us!  Serving York & Central PA Areas!

Offering Holistic Wellness services in York, PA for over 6 years, we at Firefly Hollow Holistic Wellness Center, believe in healing the whole person! This means offering healing for the mind, the body, and the spirit!! Addressing underlying root causes of illness is our passion, for it is only in addressing illness in this way that it can be truly healed.

Integrated Holistic Wellness

Firefly hollow offers a very broad range of services! This is because we believe it takes a village to heal the village!! Our massage therapists and holistic practitioners are always learning and expanding their skills and bag of tricks that they can use to help you feel your best!

That is why, Here at Firefly, we offer our signature style of integrating many modalities to meet your personal needs!

From massage, reiki, and other body/energywork modalities to nutrition, holistic health coaching, and intuitive services, we take the time to listen to what you are really saying!  We pride ourselves on our consultations and thorough intakes, further allowing our therapists to tailor your session to you!!

Integrative Therapeutic Massage

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Our Integrative Therapeutic Massage allows our therapists to integrate techniques such as myofascial release and Deep Tissue or Cranial Sacral Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy to address your specific needs! No two massages are going to be the same because each therapist is an individual and, more importantly, you are an individual with specific needs! You can read more about our massage services here!  And you can read about our team here!!

Integrative Nutrition

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Our Integrative Nutrition provides you with a free consultation with our participating nutritionist until you find the right person or program that is going to be a successful match! They will listen to you and your situation and help you to decide if what they offer is what you want! Check out more details here!


Integrative Energy Healing

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The Integrative Energy Healing Session provides a sacred space for healing! There are a lot of different energy healing modalities! Reiki, Sound healing, crystal healing, and many other styles of healing!!  This service allows our highly intuitive therapist to integrate the work that they know and what you need that day!!  Learn more here!

Integrative Wellness Program

Our Integrative Wellness Program will match you with a personal health coach, who will help you on your path the wellness! Our Coaches have decades of experience in the health and holistic wellness industry, which enables them to better navigate the holistic health realm of services and options! They offer support and guidance to help you find the correct healing path for you!

The Integrative Wellness Program will match you with a personal Health Coach. They will be there to help you to make little changes like drinking more water daily or remembering to getting up from your desk once an hour! They may also help you to decide if you should see other professionals or have a series of blood panels run to get some answers.  Firefly offers a variety of services, and your coach can help you navigate the many options. They can recommend you get a massage or reiki or perhaps other modality is a good fit for your current situation.

After your appointments, they will check in with you to ensure you had a positive experience, and you and your coach will make any adjustments that you see necessary!  Truly customizing your healing journey for you!! We integrate bodywork, nutrition, coaching and intuitive services to help cover mind, body, and spirit providing a holistic approach to your wellness!!

Firefly Hollow has always been about community!

Here at Firefly Hollow, we are a Heart Centered group of healers!   We open our hearts to those around us and accept them as they are!  We love to host events here at the Hollow!  It brings the heart of community, a Holistic York family in our doors, and our space radiates with love! You can feel it when you walk in!  Come and check out our services, events and workshops!  Online and in person!

Firefly Hollow Holistic Wellness Center in York, PA.

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