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At Firefly Hollow, we’re thrilled to announce an event that promises to be both enlightening and exciting. Under the guidance of Pat Dumas, a tarot reader with over 55 years of experience, we’re hosting a Tarot Clinic unlike any other. Pat, alongside her students who have just completed an intensive year-long tarot course, is ready to share their knowledge and insights with the public. This event is your chance to experience the profound depth of tarot readings, on a donation basis.

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Why Tarot?

Before diving into what makes our Tarot Clinic a must-visit event, let’s explore the essence of tarot and how it stands as a tool for self-discovery and empowerment.

A Journey to Self-Discovery

Tarot is a mirror to the soul. It doesn’t predict the future; instead, it reflects your current path, highlighting the energies and dynamics at play in your life. By engaging with tarot readings, you’re given a chance to introspect, leading to greater self-awareness and understanding. It’s a conversation with your higher self, offering clarity on the undercurrents of your life.

Empowerment, Not Fortune Telling

One of the most common misconceptions about tarot is that it’s a form of fortune-telling. However, at its core, tarot is a tool for empowerment. It equips you with insights and perspectives that enable you to make informed decisions, fostering personal growth and resilience. The cards might reveal challenges or opportunities, but they empower you to navigate your life with awareness and intention.

If you have not already, check out our Tarot for Self-Empowerment Mind Body Detox Podcast Episode we did with Pat here.

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Why Attend the Firefly Hollow Tarot Clinic?

Expert Guidance

Pat Dumas brings an incredible wealth of experience to the table. Her deep understanding of the tarot, honed over 55 years, ensures that the readings at our clinic are rooted in wisdom and empathy. Pat’s students, having been mentored by the best, are well-equipped to offer readings that are both insightful and transformative.

Support Emerging Talent

By attending the Tarot Clinic, you’re not just receiving a reading; you’re also supporting the next generation of tarot readers. These students have dedicated a year to mastering the art of tarot under Pat’s guidance, and this clinic marks their debut into public readings. Your participation helps nurture their growth and confidence as practitioners.

A Unique Experience

Whether you’re new to tarot or a seasoned enthusiast, the Tarot Clinic offers a unique experience. It’s a space of exploration, learning, and connection. Each reading is tailored to you, providing personalized insights that speak to your journey and current life phase.

Contribute as You Wish

The clinic operates on a donation basis, making it accessible to everyone. Your contributions support the students and ongoing efforts of Firefly Hollow and its commitment to promoting self-discovery and empowerment through various modalities.

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Join Us at Firefly Hollow

Prepare to embark on a journey of self-exploration and empowerment. The Tarot Clinic with Pat Dumas and her talented students is more than just an event; it’s an opportunity to connect with your inner self, navigate your path with clarity, and support emerging tarot readers.

Date, time, and location details on our events page here.