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Firefly Hollow Wellness Parties

Fun for Mind, Body, & Spirit

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What Is a Wellness Party?

A Wellness party is a fun and affordable way to pamper your
Mind, Body, & Soul all while enjoying the company of your friends and family.

You and your guests can choose from a number of different types of therapies and services that support overall wellness.

Services include:

  • Massage
  • Spa Treatments
  • Essential Oils
  • Energy Medicine
  • Creative Arts
  • Intuitive Consultations

(See Service Descriptions for Details)


Earn FREE Services (Massages, Spa Treatments, or others)

Learn to Party!

Wellness Party Packages begin with 15-30 Minutes of an Educational Feature and then consist of wellness treatments or services chosen by your guests.

The Wellness Practitioner may teach a variety of topics including:

  • Self-care Massage
  • D.I.Y. Spa Treatments
  • Essential Oils & Herbs
  • Stress Relief Techniques
  • Intuition Development
  • And Many More!

How to Host A Wellness Party

  • Decide on the number of guests you will intend on inviting. This will depend on the type of services that are of interest.
  • Select your party services or package.
  • Contact our wellness party coordinator to schedule a date.
  • Invite your guests
  • Collect Wellness Party Payments OR Pay up front.
  • Provide Refreshments at your party for guests.
  • Prepare a separate room or area away from guests for certain session types.
  • Plan for 30 to 45 minutes setup prior to the arrival of your guests.

Wellness Party Scheduling & Payment

  • Call or Email Betsie at Firefly Hollow Wellness to schedule and plan your wellness party at 717-814-9136 or
  • Wellness Parties must be scheduled with a wellness party coordinator at least two months prior to your desired party date.  If we have staff available, sooner party dates are possible.
  • A $50 Scheduling Deposit Fee is required upon scheduling your party.
  • The $50 Scheduling Deposit Fee is added on to your Wellness Party Package total and is non-refundable.
  • The $50 Scheduling Deposit Fee will NOT be refunded with less than one (4) weeks cancellation notice.
  • A full refund or account credit to be used at Firefly Hollow Wellness Center may be issued with more than 1 month cancellation of the party. Any cancellations with less than 1 month before the wellness party date are not eligible for refunds.
  • In the event that the party is unable to be completed, (i.e. medical emergencies, covid related illness, etc.), a reschedule date will be arranged at no extra charge.
  • If any guests are unable to attend last minute No Refunds will be given for absent guest services.
  • It is the host/hostess responsibility to pay party in full to Firefly Hollow Wellness LLC in full 1 month prior to party date.

Note: It is suggested that the host/hostess collect payments directly from guests prior to your party to ensure attendance.

Wellness Party Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will my wellness party last?

A. Party times differ depending on package selected. Once you select your package, your party coordinator will inform you of the expected duration of your wellness party.


Q.  Is there a wellness party guest minimum?

A.  Yes.  There is a 6 guest minimum (includes host/hostess) for each wellness party.


Q.  Will I have to create invitations?

A.  Nope.  Prior to wellness party, invitations will be available to share & will include party information for your guests.


Q.  Am I allowed to serve alcohol at my wellness party?

A.  Yes, but with limitations.  Consuming excessive or hard alcohol is contraindicated with massage & intuitive services so please be aware that guests will not receive a session or a refund if they are drinking or intoxicated before their service.

Paint & Art parties alcohol is welcome!


Q.  Are there any extra fees?

A.  A travel fee may apply as well as an increased minimum number of guests to locations over 15 miles from the Firefly Hollow Wellness office location.


Q.  What about Tipping?

A.  Practitioner tipping is always welcome.  A 15-20 % gratuity is observed by most.

Wellness Party Pricing & Packages

*Note all Menu Prices/Packages are based on a 6 guests minimum.

Massage Parties

Massage with Fireflies
  • Table Massage
  • $ 330
    6 Guests
  • 1– Self-Care Massage Techniques Group Education

    6-Table Massage 20 Minutes

    6-Add Aromatherapy

    6-Add Infrared Crystal Mat


    ($66/Each Additional guest)

  • Chair Massage
  • $ 180
    6 Guests
  • 1-Self-Care Massage Techniques Group education

    6-Chair Massage 10 Minutes

    6– ADD Aromatherapy

    ($36/ Each Additional guest)

  • Corporate Chair Events
  • $ Per
  • Looking for Strictly Chair Massage for a Personal OR Corporate Event without the education?

    Give us a call at 717-814-9136 for Special Pricing!

Spa & Pampering Parties

Spa & Pampering Page Image
  • Foot Reflexology Party
  • $ 210
    6 Guests
  • (20 Minutes each)

    $42 Each Additional Guest

  • Scalp & Sinus Treatment
  • $ 210
    6 Guests
  • (20 Minutes each)

    $42 Each Additional Guest

  • Pick 2 Pamper Package
  • $ 400
    6 Guests
    • 1-Self-Care Tips Education
    • 6-Scalp & Sinus Treatment 20 Minutes


    • 6-Reflexology 20 Minutes


    • 6-Hand or Foot Scrub


    • 6-Paraffin Dip

    ($72/Each Additional guest)

  • Fully Pampered Package
  • $ 650
    6 Guests
    • 1-Self-Care Tips Education
    • 6-Scalp & Sinus Treatment 20 Minutes
    • 6-Reflexology 20 Minutes
    • 6-Hand or Foot Scrub
    • 6-Paraffin Dip


    ($114/each Additional Guest)

  • Green Body Party Package
  • $ 450
    6 Guests
  • 1-Everyday Detoxification for Health Group Education
    6-Reflexology 20 Minutes
    6– Detox Blend Essential Oil Therapy
    6– Add Infrared Crystal Mat
    ($90/Each Additional Guest)

Intuitive Parties

Crystal Ball Image
  • Astrology Party
  • $ 350
    Party of 6
  • Astrology parties include:

    1– Intro to Astrology Group Education

    6– Astrology Readings (15 Minutes each)

    ($65 Each additional guest)

  • Intuition 101 Package
  • $ 350
    6 Guests
  • Learn an introduction to the art of intuition!  Your guests will enjoy:

    1 –Intro to Intuitive Development Group Education

    6-Oracle Readings 15 Minutes

    Additional Guests $65

  • Aura & Chakra Party
  • $ 450
    6 Guests
  • What color is your aura?

    You and your guests will learn about the fascinating world of auras & chakras!  Each guest will also receive a private 15 Minute aura/chakra reading & illustration to take home.

    $80 Each Additional Guest

  • Afterlife Communication
  • $ 450
    6 Guests
  • Come learn the fundamentals of afterlife communication with techniques that everyone can practice to get in touch with the other side.

    Guests will also participate in a 1 hour group reading (for party of 6)

    $80 Each Additional Guest

Creative Arts & Make & Take

  • Painting Party
  • $ 330
    6 Guests
  • $55 Each Additional Guest
  • Henna Party
  • $ 120
    6 Guests
  • $30 Each Additional Guest
  • Natural Product Make & Take
  • $ 270
    6 Guests
  • * Pricing may vary depending on DIY Project chosen

    DIY Essential Oil Roller Bottles & Learn How to Blend Oils Properly

    DIY Candle Making

    DIY Resin Art -Jewelry, Coasters, & Other unique peices

    DIY Bath Salts & Salt Scrubs

    *Other DIY Natural Product Make & Takes Available!

    $45 Each Additional Guest

Yoga Parties

Yoga image
  • Private Group Yoga Party
  • $ 125
    6 Guests
  • 75 Minute Yoga Party

    $25 Each Additional Guest

  • Private Group Yoga 4 Week Series
  • $ 70
    Per Student
  • 4-1hr Yoga Classes
  • Private Group Yoga-6 Week Series
  • $ 100
    Per Student
  • 6-1 hr Yoga Classes
  • Private Group Yoga 8 Week Series
  • $ 130
    Per Student
  • 8-1 Hr Yoga Classes