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Integrative Nutrition

Integrative Nutrition

Firefly Hollow’s signature style of integrating the many skills of our practitioners brings you our Integrative Nutrition Services!

This service provides every client with a free consultation with our Nutritional practitioners!


Practitioners Currently Participating:

Nutritional Therapist 
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Tanya Jarrett- Nutritionist & Metabolic Balance Program Headshot

Nutritional Therapy with Tanya


What is nutritional therapy?

What if I told you that I could help you identify the foods that make you look and feel your best?  I can!  Nutritional therapy honors the fact that each person is unique and understands that the body is capable of rebalancing itself with the right food choices.


What can I expect from Nutritional Therapy sessions?

Nutritional therapy takes a personalized approach to health and wellness by taking a look at your current and past health history and status, your lifestyle, and your well-being goals to identify any imbalances that may be present.


Many of modern society’s health issues are brought on by lack of adequate nutrition which is why the main focus of nutritional therapy is fresh, whole foods that are loaded with nourishing and healing nutrients.


Tanya will decide if any specific lab tests are needed to achieve your goals however, if you are looking for a more in-depth approach to personalized nutrition she does recommend learning more about her Metabolic Balance® Program.





Program Details

Initial 15 minute Consultation: Free (Virtual)

90 Minute Intake- This is a very in depth look at your health history and current life choices and habits. This session will help establish the base with which your growth with take place upon.


3 Session Package- This includes three 45-60 minute sessions. You will meet with your coach and address the progress and goals you have set out.


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Metabolic Balance Program (VIDEO)

Metabolic Balance® Personalized Nutrition Program
Presented by Tanya Jarrett, MPH, NBC-HWC


More and more, we understand that health and nutrition is unique to the individual and an essential part to fulfilling your life’s purpose. The Metabolic Balance program takes the guesswork out of rebalancing your hormones and metabolism by analyzing 36 of your blood values that can provide precise information on your health, your metabolism and any deficiencies in key elements associated with metabolic dysfunction.

This unique information paired with your medical history and food preferences leaves each participant with a tailor-made nutrition plan that acts as a roadmap to reducing inflammation, controlling weight and improving overall well-being.

With Metabolic Balance and nutrition guidance/education from Nutritional Therapist, Tanya Jarrett, MPH, you can:
  • Support and maintain both your physical & mental well being
  • Lower your blood pressure & cholesterol
  • Manage your blood sugar
  • Improve your energy & stress resistance
  • Improve your mood
  • Help detox your system and maintain weight naturally
    Reduce inflammation

If you are ready to reset and super-charge your metabolism, this is the program for you!

Learn more here:

Health Investment

Group Program: $997 Cash Price (Payment Plans Available)

$1037 When Paying by Credit Card

Individual Program: $1297 Cash Price

$1349 When Paying by Credit Card