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incense burning in a lotus incense burner with lotus candle holder behind it

The Joy of Incense

Below is an excerpt on incense written by Rissa Miller

“This simple practice of handcrafting your own incense offers the gift of scent, but also incorporates the enduring power of fire and smoke – all wrapped up in a tiny cone of botanicals. For centuries, humanity has turned to incense for ritual, for cleansing and of course, just to make spaces smell better. Aroma is a potent experience. Incense can transport us, inspire us, deepen meditation, or aid in relaxation. Incense smoke can carry our prayers and intentions or simply clear out some stale air.

What’s in Incense Smoke?

When you begin making your own, you can include your favorite herbs, plants, and flowers, while excluding mysterious toxins found in many store-bought brands. Ever wonder why many incense containers don’t list the ingredients? Maybe you should~  you’re breathing in any preservatives or chemicals used by the manufacturer! Creating your own assures you get cleaner, fresher ingredients for your home, workspace, yoga practice, or wherever you burn incense. You can also craft them with powerful intentions, calling on your plant allies to do their work as they swirl beautifully in the air.


Handmade incense makes a wonderful gift for the holidays. Learn the process and create different fragrances for your friends and family!”

*End written contribution on incense by Rissa Miller

Why Making Your Own Incense is Better for Your Health

Many store-bought incense sticks are made with synthetic fragrances and chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

Making your own incense is a great way to avoid these harmful ingredients and ensure that you are using high-quality, natural ingredients.

Here are some of the benefits of making your own incense:

1. Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Many store-bought incense sticks contain synthetic fragrances and chemicals that can irritate the respiratory system, cause headaches, and even trigger asthma attacks. Making your own incense allows you to control the ingredients and avoid any harmful substances.

2. Choose Natural Ingredients

When you make your own incense, you can choose natural ingredients that have been shown to have beneficial health effects. For example, lavender incense is known for its calming properties, while rosemary incense can help improve focus and concentration.

3. Customize Your Fragrance

Making your own incense gives you the freedom to create your own unique fragrance blends. Experiment with different herbs, resins, and essential oils to find a scent that you love and that has the desired effect.

4. Save Money

Making your own incense is often more cost-effective than buying store-bought incense. You can purchase high-quality ingredients in bulk and save money over time.

5. Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Store-bought incense is often packaged in plastic and other non-biodegradable materials. Making your own incense is a more environmentally friendly option, as you can choose reusable containers and avoid creating unnecessary waste.

Handmade Incense Makes A Great Gift!

Handmade incense makes a wonderful gift for the holidays. Learn the process and create different fragrances for your friends and family!

Love exploring how to make your own products like incense, candles, herbal products, tea, and essential oil blends?  Check out our upcoming events to see our schedule for natural product make-and-takes or schedule a private wellness party for make-and-takes  with your friends or family.