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At Firefly Hollow, our therapists pride themselves on taking time to listen to your needs when you come in for a session.

Did you know that when you schedule a massage, there are a variety of add-on services that can help to customize your session even further?

Our massage therapists have a wide range of skills that can benefit you! Below we will explore all the add on services offered at Firefly Hollow Wellness Center!



A simple Inhalation of essential oils. Usually, a drop or two of your choice in the face cradle. Add-on to any massage.


Body Brushing

This add-on prepares your skin to fully take advantage of the oil used during your massage! A full body lymphatic brushing with a natural bristle brush. Helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and offer gentle exfoliation. A Brush and Tea Tree Cleaner spray to take home are included with your service.




Hempfield Botanicals CBD

Oil- Full body massage using the Hempfield Botanicals Massage oil

Muscle recovery- application of lotion to an area of the body during your massage

Spot Treatment- Salve is used on a specific location on the body.



Ancient Chinese method of applying cups to specific areas of the body. Cupping is used to help lift deep tissue stagnation and create space for the free flow of chi in the body. Added on to a massage, cupping helps relieve some of the tighter, more difficult spots!


Essential oils

A custom Firefly Hollow blended massage oil of your choice, is used during your massage. Choose from three house blends! All of our blends use the highest quality essential oils from doTerra!




Hot Stones

Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing experience! During hot stone massage, deeply warmed stones are placed on the body to unwind tight & stressed muscles. The massage therapist uses stones that are heated to your preference and even use these stones as amazing massage tools to get deeper into muscles. Expect a warm, muscle melting experience to leave you feeling awesome afterwards! Adding this to your massage will provide a localized spot treatment with a few hot stones.



Infrared Crystal Mat

Take your massage to the next level by adding on the relaxing and gentle detox of one of our Infrared Crystal Mats! Great for anytime you need a gentle detox, OR as an addition to your seasonal detox protocol. Far Infrared rays (FIR) are invisible and present in sunlight; they were discovered by a scientist named Sir William Herschel in 1800. His research led to the discovery that there were not only the known visible rays – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet – but there were also invisible rays later named Infrared.

Benefits of FIR Far Infrared therapy very gently increases blood flow by expanding the capillaries that carry blood. It also increases oxygenation and regeneration of the blood, deeply detoxifying it for the improved functioning of all of the major organs in the body, which depend on blood for energy. This detoxification is on the deepest level, allowing hidden toxins in the blood and tissue to be dissolved or mobilized. Through the subtle heating, Far Infrared boosts our immune system, increasing the amount of white blood cells and killer T-cells. It is an excellent therapy for promoting healing, reducing muscle soreness, muscle spasms and relief for rheumatoid arthritis.

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Integrative Reflexology

Reflexology is a touch therapy that is relaxing, increases blood circulation, and helps to promote balance between all the body’s organs & systems.  Reflexology increases energy flow around the body.  For over 3000 years the Chinese have known about reflexology and the therapeutic benefits of healthy Chi/Energy flow.  Reflexology is a tool to clear blockages that can develop anywhere in the body for different reasons such as the season, diet, emotions or physical environment. This add-on is the perfect ending to any massage!

This is a 15 minute add on session


This is the perfect add-on to any structural integration massage session! This simple, but effective, technique will have you walking out of the office feeling like your therapist is still there, holding that stretch!

Kinesiotape has a variety of purposes. It’s great for the prevention of injuries, any pain you might be experiencing, and postural problems.  It helps to provide support and it can lessen swelling and improve movement.

How Does it Work?

The way it works is by subtly lifting the skin from the underlying structures. It creates space under the skin that changes the pressure. This creates a lifting effect where blood circulation, lymphatic flow nutrients and oxygen can get into the area. It works from a neurological standpoint. It creates this different sensory effect that helps to shut off those pain mechanisms.

KinesioTape is waterproof and water resistant. Making it perfect for surviving the shower and also exercise.

Most clients report that they barely even feel it on their skin after about 30 minutes or so.


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work that cleanses and balances the energy system in the body. As a result, the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen, helping to establish optimum health. During a session, your practitioner will work  directly with your energy field to remove blockages, detoxify your energy system, and restore your vital life force energy through gentle hand positions and holds on and around the body. Traditionally, this service is done while you are fully clothed, but if you are adding on to a massage you are already there. The benefits of Reiki range from the release of habitual mental/emotional stress to alleviating chronic pain. Adding Reiki to a massage will elevate your relaxation and healing to the next level!


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