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Welcome back to another enlightening episode of our Mind Body Detox Podcast! This time, our host, Integrative Intuitive Medium & Medical Intuitive Kara Lovehart, had a soul-stirring conversation with Shirin Etessam, a seasoned media executive, transformational speaker, and author.

Reclaiming Your Soul

In this episode, titled Free to Be – Finding Fulfillment & Reclaiming Your Soul Part 1, Shirin discusses her upcoming book, FREE TO BE: A Six-Week Guide to Reclaiming Your Soul, which will be available from June 20, 2023. The book is a groundbreaking guide that promises to help readers reconnect with their souls and embark on a journey towards personal fulfillment.

Unfulfillment Despite Achievements

Shirin points out a pervasive problem in our modern society – the feeling of unfulfillment despite checking off all the boxes of success. Family, career, social life – most of us have it all, but personal fulfillment is often missing. Shirin believes that this unfulfillment arises from a disconnection from our souls, and her book aims to address this issue.

A Journey Towards Fulfillment

Shirin’s book provides a set of daily exercises to help readers reconnect with their souls. These exercises range from brain and heart detox to guiding the reader through rewriting their personal stories. Shirin is convinced that true spirituality and soul work can be challenging, dark, and painful, but the payoff is worth everything.

Shirin started her soul journey in late 2013, and it took her six years to reconnect with her own soul. Now, she is passionate about helping others do the same. She has developed a program that allows readers to do this in just six short weeks.

Learn More About Shirin

Shirin Etessam is a seasoned media executive, transformational speaker, and founder of OML TV, a platform dedicated to streaming and curating quality, queer female video content. She lives in Marin County, California, with her wife and two children.

We hope that this episode leaves you inspired and ready to embark on your journey of soul reconnection. Stay tuned for more episodes of the Mind Body Detox Podcast, and remember – your journey to wellness starts with you!

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