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We are extremely excited to introduce this new program to you!!

We know…
  • How hard it can be when your health is less than stellar!
  • The challenges of finding the right care!
  • And we know that there are options out there for you!!

This is where our Integrative Wellness Program comes in!!

Customized Health & Wellness Solutions
With this program, we match you up a trained health coach that will be with you the for the whole of your journey! They will take the time to go over your health history and your goals, and really listen to what you are going through; what you have tried, and what you are willing to explore!!
Customized Plan
After your initial meeting with your coach, they will help you to plan out the next steps to take along your journey. It may be as simple as incorporating more water into your day, or planning a walk everyday. Or it may be that you need to take a deeper dive into your health. This can include needing some blood work done or integrating other services offered at Firefly Hollow!
Customized Support
The possibilities are almost endless, and this where the assistance of our coaches is instrumental! In addition to your session, you will have email access to your coach all month! If you have questions, concerns, or just need some support- they will be there!!
We have an amazing team of practitioners available for referrals!
You and your coach will work together to determine the best services for you and work in tandem with your primary care provider as needed!
Free Consultations!

Our team of practitioners love to work together with your coach to ensure your care stays on track!! Give us a call or schedule online for a FREE Consultation to see if the Integrative Wellness Program is right for you!