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What is Kinesiotaping?

KinesioTaping uses is a thin, water resistant cotton strip that has an acrylic adhesive on one side.  It is very hypoallergenic and is worn for up to 3-5 days.

What’s it used for?

Kinesiotape has a variety of purposes. It is great for the prevention of injuries. Additionally, it can help with any pain or postural problems you may be experiencing. Kinesiotaping will also help to provide support for example, it can lessen swelling and improve movement.

How Does Kinesiotaping actually Work?

The way kinesiotaping works is by subtly lifting the skin from the underlying structures. It actually creates an extra space under the skin that changes the pressure. This pressure change creates a lifting effect which will allow greater blood circulation, lymphatic flow of nutrients, and oxygen to get into the area. It works from a neurological standpoint. It kind of creates this different sensory effect that helps to shut off those pain mechanisms.


The rippling effects, or convolutions that you can see here are actually showing how it’s lifting. It’s very subtle, it wakes up the nervous system and it allows you to check in on your form without you really having to think about it too often so that you can just keep moving through out your day.





After your Taping

  • KinesioTape is waterproof and water resistant,
  • It is suitable to wear in the shower
  • It is comfortable enough during exercise and most clients report they barely even feel it on their skin after about 30 minutes or so. You might feel like the sensation if you had put on a necklace that maybe you hadn’t worn in a long time, but then the sensation goes away and you just become used to it.
  • It can last up to 3-5 days. However, after about 5 days there really isn’t much neurological benefit. Our brains become so accustomed, that typically upon removal of the tape, your body will want to stay in that good position or good posture that it is corrected for.
  • It is heat activated, so you’ll see I rub the tape and activate the adhesive. That’s the way the tape is going to stick for you for quite a few days. The only time you don’t want to remove it is in the shower when you actually have heat on you, but it’s very easy to remove. It just takes a little bit of lotion and you can grab the edge of it and just roll it right off.


We offer kinesiotaping at the end of a massage session or as a stand alone in between sessions

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