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Join integrative intuitive medium Kara Lovehart with special guest Acupuncturist Rosemary Bourne, as they discuss Esogetic Medicine, Colorpuncture, and the power of this innovative integrative healing modality.

In Part 2 We Discuss:

  • Kara’s experiences seeing energy fields and how she connects her perception of these fields to the Colorpuncture system
  • Common diseases and symptoms Colorpuncture can support healing
  • Some of the assessments a Colorpuncture practitioner utilizes before and after treatment
  • Success stories working with the Esogetic Colorpuncture system
  • Frequency/light therapy and the future of medicine
  • How to locate an Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioner or where to learn this modality

About Rosemary Bourne:

B.A., Dipl. Acu Sydney Australia, O.M.D. Huang Zhou, China 1984

Rosemary began training in traditional therapies in 1980 learning Shiatsu massage and Macrobiotics. Then, in 1981, she started a degree in Acupuncture, Herbalism, and Oriental Therapies at the NSW College of Natural Therapies in Sydney, Australia, and she completed her studies at the Zheijiang Medical Research Center in Huang Zhou, China in 1984.

She met Peter Mandel, the creator of Esogetic Colorpuncture, in India in 1989 where she was practicing acupuncture in a multi-disciplinary clinic. She has continued to study his system of acu-light therapies since that time. In 1992 she was awarded a Diploma in Esogetics and certified to teach Colorpuncture and Kirlian photography in the USA. In 1993, she founded the Institute for Esogetics USA, which has brought Esogetic therapies to the USA via nationwide trainings. The Institute also sponsors seminars by Peter Mandel and his son Markus Wunderlich to present new information regarding diagnosis and treatment with Esogetic methods.

In her private practice in San Rafael, CA, she uses techniques of Kirlian photography and Esogetic therapies to address issues of the body, psyche, and spirit. She has extensive understanding of alternative therapies and meditative arts. She uses these practices and the Somatic Experiencing work of Peter Levine to support powerful and subtle energetic healing.


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