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Hey There!! Emily here!!  ?

Let’s talk about natural cleaning products!

I have three kids ranging in age from 5-11years old. So, when I tell you I have had to clean up my fair share of messes, please take my word! ?
I want my kids to learn to take care of themselves and their environment!

I basically want my son to clean up the bathroom!

But honestly, some of the cleaning supplies out there are scary! For instance, I used to have to wear gloves to clean, and hope I didn’t splash myself! I am definitely not going to feel good about my kids using those products; kids are clumsy circus monkeys!! 

And let’s be honest…  that Bleach smell, yuck!

So, like any concerned parent I went to to find help!

And oh boy, did I find it! ? Talk about information overload!!!

But lucky for you, we have waded through the oceans of essential oils and natural cleaning recipes to bring you a few trusted favorites of our own!!!

Did you know that you can very easily make your own natural cleaning products?

With a few, very simple ingredients you can arm yourself against some of your more challenging messes!

Simple Surface Cleaner:
16oz Glass Spray Bottle
3 TBSP Unscented Dr. Bronner’s or other Castile Soap
15 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil
5 Drops of Basil Essential Oil

Vacuum Bag Balls:

Freshen the air while you vacuum!
1 Cotton Ball
3 Drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Spring Diffuser Blend:
5 drops of Wild Orange Essential Oil
1 Drop of Peppermint Essential Oil
4 Drops of DoTerra Citrus Bliss
DoTerra Essential oils and Diffusers are available in the Firefly Hollow Boutique or online!!


Have you tried making your own natural cleaning products?  What are some of your favorites?