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Cannabi herb & leaves with CBD oil extract

Seeing CBD products EVERYWHERE?

CBD products catching your eye around every corner? It may be because CBD Products are big business as countless new companies are jumping into the trending industry selling their products anywhere they can AND quite frankly because THEY WORK for many individuals!

People are successfully using CBD products to:

  • Decrease Pain
  • Decrease Anxiety
  • Help with Sleep Difficulties
  • Assist with Painful Menstruation
  • Assist with Migraines/Headaches
  • Increase Energy
  • Increase Mental Focus
  • Benefit Skin Health
  • & Many more!

It seems no matter where you go, you can find “CBD” being slipped into self-care products, gum & gummies, water, honey, chocolate, and you can even find CBD products for sale at gas stations!

What about quality?

With many companies joining the race to CBD retail product stardom, quality and ethical business practices are sometimes being compromised. As a wellness center owner, I cannot tell you how many sales pitches I have received from over 30 CBD companies! My head was spinning with all of the information, and I was slightly appalled at the lower level of quality I had experienced, not only in products, but the over zealous, pushy personalities from sales reps from some of the companies!

Luckily, I am an information & research junkie, I like to ask LOTS of questions, try products for myself, AND factor in the hearts & intentions of the companies I choose to promote. After researching for 3 months, trying many good, not so good, and downright horrible products, I came to choose 2 companies to offer our community here at Firefly Hollow. Before I share our selected CBD companies, I wanted to share some information to assist you in navigating the wonderful world of CBD!

How do you choose?

Currently the FDA is not regulating non-prescription CBD products and it is up to the consumer to keep a skeptical eye to ensure they are purchasing a quality product.

What To Look For:

  • Safety First- Talk to your Doctor regarding any potential interactions that could occur if you have specific health conditions or are taking medications. If you are in need of medical doctor recommendations or medical marijuana card referrals, contact the doctors at your local medical marijuana advisory board.
  • Identify Fakers-Ensure required ingredients are in the product. Genuine products must contain CBD (aka Hemp Extract) Or Cannabidiol
  • Hemp or Marijuana Derived CBD? Marijuana derived products will contain THC that may show up on a drug test. (THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana) State laws are always changing regarding allowable THC so check state laws frequently or Choose a THC free hemp derived product.
  • Choose Your Type
  1. Full Spectrum-Most natural form including all naturally occurring compounds (Hemp derived full spectrum is currently legal in PA containing no more than .03% THC) If you are purchasing a full spectrum product with more than .03% THC, it is not currently legal for non-prescription use in the state of PA.
  2. Broad Spectrum- No THC. Includes naturally occurring compounds (terpenes & flavonoids which increase the therapeutic effect)
  3. Isolate-Purest form with no Flavor or odor. No THC.
  • Do not buy from Amazon- Currently no CBD sales are allowed on Amazon and you will find hemp seed products only.
  • Dosing- Don’t be fooled by #s! Is the CBD Mg listed for the entire bottle or per dose?
  • Third Party Testing- Do testing reports & product label CBD & THC levels match up?

*Testing should also report that the product passes all pesticide & heavy metal analysis.

  • Travel CBD Free- Until you research the legalities of locations you are going and/or traveling through, it is best to leave your CBD products at home especially if they contain THC.
  • Trust Your Gut- If sales representatives seem pushy or overly zealous, ask questions with a healthy skepticism or refuse to purchase the product.

Stay Out of the Rat Race- The current rat race of CBD business unfortunately has some companies attempting to poach sales and convert clients and businesses to their brand. If you have a brand you are content with, kindly inform sales representatives of your choice and, if you feel called, mention the importance of ethical business practices in your current brand decision. Poaching is unethical & unacceptable! We believe “Business Karma” works the fastest when consumers catch on and speak up.

CBD Companies We LOVE!

It was hard to choose our favorites, as I would love to carry numerous brands but leave that up to CBD shops and other CBD and/or Natural health based businesses. (Psst… We Love Leg Up Farmer’s Market)

The 2 Companies We Selected to Carry Are:

#1 – Hempfield Botanicals (Based in Lancaster County)

Why Hempfield Botanicals?

Hempfield Botanicals is an offshoot of the Makes Scents Natural Spa Line company located in Lancaster county. Makes Scents is run by professionals whom have been in the industry for over 19 years. The owners include a registered nurse & esthetician, and a massage therapist. The Hempfield CBD product line is used in numerous spas throughout the country, including, The Spa at Hotel Hershey.

The Hempfield product line is USA grown, THC Free, full spectrum, vegan, and each finished product batch is tested by Green Scientifics Labs to ensure quality and consistency.

Hempfield Awards

They are also the winner of “Line &Spa’s Best Product” award 2020, & are Esthetician’s Choice “DermaChoice Award” winner 2020. Hempfield botanicals is also a Certified B-Corporation

We chose Hempfield due to their top notch product quality, ethics, passion for community & animal rights, and due to the fact that they are a local women owned business.

Our favorite products include their CBD:

  •  Muscle Recovery Lotion
  •  Salve
  •  Massage Oil
  • “Soothe” & “Fortify”  Face Oils
  • “Comfort, Relief, & 40 Winks”  Oral Oils

Why Karma Farma 1000?

The Karma Farma owners were some of the first in the industry that we met whom were down to earth, authentic, heart centered and fantastic in their ability to educate with high quality information on CBD. We tried samples of their products which included selections of flavored oral tinctures and were hooked!

The Karma Farma 1000 product line contains ingredients that were organically grown, pesticide free, and they carry items that include: Legal amounts of THC, (and THC free options), gummies, gelcaps, and even CBD pet treats.

We chose Karma Farma as they intend to stay small & local. We love the idea of supporting local “mom & pop” shop enterprises as we enjoy the close relationships we can build with these individuals. Being able to connect directly to the owners at anytime gives us confidence in promoting their products.

Our favorite products include their:

  • Flavored Oral Oils- Peppermint, Orange, & Lemon
  • CBD K-9 Tincture
  •  K-9 Treats
  • CBD Gummies

*Other great companies out there include:

Please send us information on CBD companies you absolutely love as we are always are open to learning!

Walking While They Race

Hopefully,the insight you have gained has given you tools to be better informed when navigating the wonderful world of CBD! It’s up to us as consumers to keep learning, sharing, and holding businesses to a high standard! Here’s to the amazing growth & expansion we are seeing in natural products for health & wellness!

Questions? Comments? Experiences with CBD? Let us know!