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The New Visions Holistic Expo
has a diversity of speakers every year!

Enjoy Education, Spiritual Inspiration, Music, Entertainment, and More Every Hour For FREE!

Below is this Year’s  Schedule for the 20th Annual New Visions Holistic Expo presenters!


Saturday Speakers


The Deep & Wonderous Mysteries of the Spiritual Journey

Saturday 11 A.M.


Maryam Kabeer has been on a blessed journey, guided by exalted Spiritual Masters for the past 50 years and written an award winning memoir about this journey: “A Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils, the Alchemy of Transformation on the Sufi Path”, she will share some of the amazing mysteries of her journey.

How I Became A Psychic Medium at 40

Saturday 12 P.M.


Meet Psychic Medium William Stillman

Since 2004, Bill has worked professionally as a psychic and spiritual counselor. His accuracy in discerning the truth and making predictions that come to fruition has been acclaimed by his clients as truly extraordinary, and ranks at 90-98% accurate.

Communicating with the Angels

Saturday 1 P.M.


Tom & Katie Hirt present a lively and interactive session to deliver messages from Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters to help people live more fulfilled and joy filled lives.

Finding Your Soul Purpose!

Saturday 2 P.M.


Join Psychic Medium Maggie Salter to focus on uncovering and defining our soul purpose. This lecture helps you identify your soul purpose and find out how to clarify and reconnect with your mission. Awaken to your Soul’s Purpose and find direction with steps to take towards it!

The Creative Spark: Astrological Markers for Creativity in the Birth Chart

Saturday 3 P.M.


If our natal horoscope, or birth chart, is our blueprint, showing our strengths and weaknesses, then the chart also provides clues as to how and from where our creativity springs. Astrologer Pat Dumas will guide listeners through the charts of several creative geniuses of science, music, art, and more to help illustrate these markers… and help each participant find their own creative spark.

Raising Your Vibe Through Sound

Saturday 4 P.M.


Join Sound Healer Lana Ryder to Learn ways to heal, maintain wellness and expand your consciousness whether just for yourself or loved ones. Learn what it takes to be a good sound practitioner. Experience a gentle, relaxing, grounding mini-sound immersion.

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Sunday Speakers

Holistic Weight Loss

Sunday 11 A.M.


Weight loss is never as simple as it seems.  Did you know that carrying excess weight is a symptom of another underlying cause?  The body is a beautiful complex organism and the key to balance is addressing the whole person in a unique and individualized way.  Discover integrative ways to support overall health without feeling restricted.


Tanya Jarrett, MPH, NCB-HWC is a certified Nutritional Therapist and Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

Her love for science and passion for people has inspired her to take a 360 degree approach for each client to uncover where the root problem may be.   Tanya strives to take the guesswork out of nutrition, provide continuous education on sustainable solutions, and most of all help to empower each client to make positive lifestyle choices as they work towards their health goals.

Tanya is the owner of Live Fresh Wellness, partner of Firefly Hollow Wellness and busy mom of 2. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Management Systems from Duquesne University, a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh, and holds various fitness instructor certifications.


Who Aura You?

Sunday 12 P.M.


Join Kara for this fun experiential lecture on How to See Auras, what the aura/energy field can tell us, and the effect of color on our state of consciousness.  Kara will also demo an energy reading for selected participants.


Kara Lovehart is an integrative psychic medium, licensed massage therapist, advanced energy healing practitioner, & the host of the Mind Body Detox podcast.

Kara specializes in supporting Empaths,  Highly Intuitive People, as well as healing professionals, in mastering personal energy management via the mind body connection.

Past Lives & Your Future

Sunday 1 P.M.


Looking into past lives gives an understanding into why things happen in your life. Eagle Skyfire shares Native American teachings on the Journey of the Soul, Karma and how past lives affect your current incarnation.

Energy Tools for Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Sunday 2 P.M.


Join Rachel Hartenstein to learn tools for boundaries in relationships.  Far from setting you apart from others, healthy boundaries are key to creating the loving and connected relationships that you crave. In this class, we will learn powerful energy tools and mindset hacks for holding strong boundaries in every interaction you have.

Choosing Peace In Challenging Times

Sunday 3 P.M.


Join Reiki Master Teacher Rickie Freedman to discuss the Power of Choice in our thoughts, words, attitude and emotions to help determine our reality. Leave with practical tips for stress management on an everyday basis. Feel the Reiki Energy! Peace begins with us!

Guided Meditation with Native American Flute

Sunday 4 P.M.


Join Christian Reifsteck for a guided meditation with Native American style flute to release what no longer serves us.  Christian will also be offering Rune readings throughout the weekend at Booth D7.