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Holistic Expo Vendors


New Visions Books & Gifts

Main Booth Upon Expo Entry

New Visions Holistic Expo Founders Booth

Offering Metaphysical Items, Books, Oracle & Tarot Decks & More!

Open since 1987!  We celebrate the 35th Anniversary AND the 20th Anniversary of the New Visions Holistic Expo (Formerly known as the Celebration of Life Holistic Expo)

Stop by to say hi to Bob Hall (along with Bill Trivett In Spirit)

Mary Cox Jewelry

Booth A 1-3

Beautiful crystals, minerals, gemstone jewelry and sacred geometry pieces.

Coffee Karma Cafe

Booth A 4

Mushroom coffee, and subscription boxes.

Kashmir Dream : Treasures From The Silk Road

Booth A 5-6

Offering hand-embroidered tapestries, hand-beaded bags and shawls, international artifacts and an award winning memoir

Judy Kay Psychic Medium

Booth A 7

Psychic Readings & Mediumship

Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place

Booth A 8

Reiki & Lavender Light Product Line

Nellie's Legacy

Booth A 9

Palm Reading, Fairy Houses & Laterns

Ruby Moon Creative

Booth A 10

Handmade Wreaths, Arrangements, Decor

Our Sons & Daughters

Booth A 11

High quality handmade bath and body products

Your Cup of Tea

Booth A 12

Tea Leaf Readings

A Little R & R of the Valley

Booth A 13

Reflexology & Reiki

Aura Photography USA

Booth A 14-15

Aura Photographs

Pat and Richard Dumas, Intuitive Readers

Booth A 16

Offering Mini-Tarot Readings, Mini-Astrology Readings and Mini-Akashic Record Readings

Safe-N-Sweet Keto Bakery

Booth A 17

Offering baked goods from Safe&Sweet

Quintessence Incense

Booth A 18

Smudge Bundles, Incense, & More!

Aeroponic Alchemist

Booth A 19

Natural Products & Herbal Tinctures

Native American Jewelry Etc.

Booth A 20 / B 30

Offering Native American and Southwestern Jewelry, Crystals, Skulls, Dragons and Healing Stone

Karma Farma 1000

Booth A 21

CBD Products

Spickerman's Intuitive Threads

Booth A 22

Silk Scarves, Bags, Handmade Clothing, & More!

Proud Fitness

Booth A 23

Offering body assessments to pinpoint muscular and skeletal imbalances along with corrective exercises, and nutrition and holistic fitness

Shelly's Travelling Rock Shop

Booth A 24

Beautiful tumbled stones
Master geologist hand selected rough rocks from around the world.

Wear At Your Own Wrist

Booth A 25

Crystals, stones, sterling silver jewelry, metaphysical stones and crystals

Twin Flames Healers, Metaphysical & Ministerial Services

Booth B 26

Offering Intuitive Readings

Rev. Pamela Saylor

Booth B 27

Pet Readings

Blue Moon Herbals

Booth B 28

Vibrational aromatics

Eagle Skyfire LLC

Booth B 29

Traditional Native American Readings

Symmetry Holistic Collective LLC

Booth B 31/32

Offering Holistic Services, Organic Loose-leaf Tea, Crystals and Herbal Products

Purple Lotus Creations

Booth B 33

Handmade Tumblers

Your Yoga

Booth B 34

Yoga, Reiki, Mindfulness


Booth B 35

Double Booth

Crystals, stones, sterling silver jewelry, metaphysical stones and crystals

Firefly Hollow Wellness Center

Booth B 36/46/47

Holistic Wellness Clinic- Offering Massage, Reiki, Counseling, Nutrition, CryoSkin, Aura Reading, Medical Intuition, Mind Body Detox program, and Continuing Education.

Mind Body Detox Podcast

Booth B 38

Podcast Information

Color Therapy Glasses

Infrared Crystal Mat Sessions & Sales

Holistic Lifestyle Support

GS Design

Booth B 39

Offering Handcrafted Wire Jewelry

Angelic Connections

Booth B40

Angel Card & Intuitive Readings

The HRart Center

Booth B 41

Medical Qi Gong

Lokelani Productions

Booth B 42

Offering Oracle Card Readings, Channeled Energy Portraits, and Original Art On A Variety Of Items

Maggie Salter

Booth B43

Psychic Readings

Jimeye Designs & Shine Remote Wellness

Booth B 44

Sterling Silver Sacred Geometry & Stones Healing Jewelry & Psychic Readings

Healing Realms Holistic Wellness

Booth B 45

Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Crystal Therapies

Crystal and Metaphysical Retail

Leg Up Farmers Market

Booth C 48

Health Food Market


Booth C 49

Semi-precious gemstone bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Orgone items.

Soul Spark Healing & Guidance - Jill Jablonski

Booth C 50

Offering Tarot and Astrology Coaching Readings, and Chakra Energy Balancing Sessions Using Reiki and Crystals

Ethereal Moments

Booth C 51

Offering Handpoured Soy & Coconut Wax Melts, Gemstone Horseshoes and Fairy Sticks, and Kids Crazy Crayons

Jeff and Monica Pageler Massage

Booth C 52

Chair & Table Massage & Reiki

The Feisty Woman

Booth C 53

Offering Books, Candles, and Soaps

Once in A Purple Moon

Booth C 54

Specializes in Crystals (towers, spheres, tumbles, raw specimens, & carvings) Deity statues, candles, & some metaphysical items.

Healing Realms Holistic Wellness

Booth C 55

Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Crystal Therapies

Crystal and Metaphysical Retail

Hempfield Botanicals

Booth C 56

CBD Products & More!

Oils and Oracles

Booth C 57

Oracle Decks & Oracle Readings

Guata Life

Booth C 58

Shamanic Products & Rough Emeralds

Brand Art Yoga

Booth C 59

Handmade products and unique decoration to promote creativity, spirituality and meditation. Reiki healing, Ionic foot detox

Courtz Crystal Gem Globes

Booth C 60

Unique Handmade Gem Globes, Rare Crystals and Gems

Good Vibes and Positive Energy

Beautiful Tibet

Booth C 61

Beautiful Tibet is a company owned by Tibetan refugees family who carry hand made Tibetan goods such as healing singing bowls , handmade jewelry, & more!

Therapeutic Thymes Magazine

Booth C 62

Offering the current Summer 2022 Issue as well as limited back issues

A Journey of Hope & Healing

Booth C 63

Grief Coaching & Education

Gypsy Moon

Booth C 64

Offering Bags, Scarves, Ruanas, Jewelry, Folk Instruments, Toning Bowls & Bells, Incense & Burners, Wands and More

LA Crystal Energies

Booth C 65/D 79

Crystals & Jewelry

Third Eye Candles

Booth C 66

Offering Reiki-infused Healing Candles and Energy Clearing Sprays

Healing Hands for Body & Soul

Booth C 67

Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, & Ear Candling

Heavenly Healing

Booth C 68

Energy Kits, Candles, Crystals, decor

Miller's Metal & Mineral Mine

Booth C 69

Offering Natural Crystals & Minerals, Cut/Polished Mineral Items, and Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry

The Oak Goddess

Booth D 70

Crystal and mineral sales

Vendor Info Coming Soon!

Booth D 71

Vendor Info Coming Soon!

Vendor Info Coming Soon!

Booth D 72

Professional Astrology Consultations as well as Energywork services (Reiki) and Health/Life coaching

Sacred Rose Herb & Root Magickal Apotheke

Booth D 73

Offering Alchemia Perfume, Esoteric Elixers and Magickal Herb Craft

Buddha's Bling

Booth D 74

Hand made jewelry & crystals

Touch N Heal

Booth D 75

Hand Reflexology

New Earth Essentials, LLC

Booth D 76

Offering Reiki and Crystal Infused Essential Oil Products

Standing Stones Healing

Booth D 77

Offering unique readings including the 5 card Untethered Spread reading and Rune Casting.

1881 Salt Santuary

Booth D 78

Bodywork & Halotherapy Salt Rooms

LA Crystal Energies

Booth D 80

Crystals, Gemstones, Minerals, & More!

Huffs Honey Farm

Booth D 81

Local Honey

Heavenly Healing

Booth D 82

Energy Kits, Candles, Crystals, decor

Marz Energy Tools

Booth D 83

Copper Rings and Healing Tools, & EMF Protection.

The Soul Shepard

Booth D 84

Medical Intuitive Readings

Zari Herbals

Booth D 85

Herbal products for full-being wellness. Everything is handmade using many local or homegrown ingredients.

Wings Unfurled

Booth D 86

Offering Angel Oracle Card Readings and Books

Earthkeepers Emporium

Booth D 87/88

Crystals, Gemstones, & Other Metaphysical Items

Dino Calabrese

Booth D 89

Psychic Readings

SNS Wellness LLC Alchemizing Wellness

Booth D 90

Wellness Coaching
Energy Healing
Wellness/Essential Oil Consultation

Wonderful Wellness

Booth D 91

Medical Intuitive Energy Healing

Art of Well-Being

Booth D 92

Offering Sound Therapy Sessions, Art and Crystals

Stuff Market Place

Booth D 93

Herbal and Botanical balms, tonic, poultice, face and body scrubs lotions

Energy Healing

Butterfly Nova

Booth D 94

Crystals, reiki charged jewelry, hand made items , tapestries, dream catchers

Vendor Info Coming Soon!

Booth D 95

Vendor Info Coming Soon!

Stuff Market Place

Booth D 96


More from Stuff Market Place

Seraph Sound Sanctuary LLC

Booth D 97

Offering Axialtonal Alignment sessions or Chakra Balancing including a pre-recorded soundtrack enjoyed through headphones.

A variety of Native American Style Flutes will also be for sale.


Booth D 98

Handmade Orgonite

Soundwise Health Associates

Booth D 99/100

Sound Healing Classes & Certification

Expo Photo Booth

Booth E 1

Come take a photo at the Photo Booth to Commemorate 20 years of the New Visions Holistic Expo

Slightly Unmeditated Podcast

Booth E 2

Podcast Information

Autumn Rose Henna & Body Art

Booth E 3

Henna & Body Art

Healthy Home Chiropractic

Booth E 4

Juice Plus

More Info Coming Soon!