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Tanya Jarrett Nutrition Full Shot

Meet Our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Hey, I’m Tanya!

My love for fresh food, health/wellness, entrepreneurship and exploring the world has inspired every layer of my business “Live Fresh” & led me to practice Nutrition in York, PA at Firefly Hollow Wellness Center. The legacy I desire to leave behind is to teach YOU to be the BEST version of YOU in health & wealth.  It’s easy to believe that these two are mutually exclusive – but I am here to tell you that having BOTH is possible.

My mission is take my passions and give them a purpose so that I can inspire others to create health & wealth in their lives…in the most authentic way.

What Diet is Right for You?

There are many different types of diets and even types of nutritional services online and even in good ol’ York, PA! But, how do you know which one is right for you?

First of all, it is important to identify how much energy you are ready to put into your health journey?  Then start seeking a health professional that meets your needs.  Having a good therapeutic connection with a practitioner is KEY!  If you don’t feel a therapeutic chemistry, feel supported, have your questions answered, and feel trust in whom you are working with, keep looking.

Secondly, The “RIGHT” Diet is based on many factors!  A comprehensive health history screening & blood panels are tools that can help pinpoint which diet & lifestyle changes fit your individuality, aka your body’s individual needs.  You are UNIQUE, and we keep that in focus as we approach customizing your nutrition plan.

Most Importantly, We also offer FREE Nutrition Consultations!  Above all, we want to ensure we are the right fit for your goals & needs, and answer any basic questions you may have.

Check out this Video Interview on “Which Diet is Right for You?”

*See our Events page for the next Metabolic Balance Program OR Contact us to schedule a one-on-one program with Tanya.

Journey to Nutrition & Wellness

In early 2013, I was living overseas in Germany and was overwhelmed with the struggles of being a new mom! Additionally I was trying to figure out how to stay on top of my own health. Even though I had formal undergrad and graduate education, the struggle was real and I was in my head. From sleepless nights, to forgetting to eat, to feeling like I had a greater purpose – but had no idea what, too many nights of too much wine because I felt lost as hell, to thinking about how my husband and I were “going to make it” in life.  Oh man, there were so many things going on in my head (hello hormones).

During all this craziness- 2 questions played over and over in my head:

  1. How do women nourish their body, souls and passions in this modern world?

  2. How do women stay financially healthy on their own terms?

I was destined to figure this out! With a whole hell of a lot of passion living a healthy life as well as guidance and mentorship  – I was able to get my Nutritional Therapy and Group Fitness Instructor certification!  This is where I started my own business. My love for fresh foods and recipe development paved the way for Live Fresh where I  now offer online services and Nutrition locally in York, PA.  I was initially offering lots of healthy, mostly plant-based recipes to my reader.

Growing My Passions

As my knowledge for wellness and balance grew, my brand grew.  I started offering nutritional testing and working with the amazing and transformative Metabolic Balance program. My role as a business owner was blossoming and I became dedicated to learning how to create multiple streams of income within my brand.  I was running my own practice without any help – learning how to build websites, build automation, create programs, take payments and work efficiently.

It was time to take that entrepreneurial passion and learned info and inspire/share it with other aspiring wellness professionals.There’s also a whole hell of a lot in-between (lol) but here I am today – Live Fresh has multiple layers that all come back to helping women thrive.

  1. Personalized nutrition with Metabolic Balance® (through bloodwork- that’s as personalized as you can get!)
  2. My 28 Ultimate Whole Foods Refresh Program – a program I developed to help other wellness professionals create income w/o having to learn how to develop a program or be out of their “scope of practice.”
  3. Simple Wealth – showing wellness professionals how to build a simple, profitable online business that they control with the right components.

Now, believe me – this all didn’t come at one time – but over the years, I’ve continued to add layers to my brand – slowly evolving it as I learn more and grow.I will strive to continue to inspire women to serve others with grace and authenticity and help inspire them to create a life that has multiple streams of income so that they no longer have to stress.

You can easily go through the motions of life or you can experience it with vitality.

My Mantras

  • Fuel your body with whole, fresh, unprocessed food.
  • Move more.
  • Have fun & laugh often.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Reach out for guidance & support.
  • Love more.
  • Give back.
  • Be open & honest.
  • Find what makes your heart happy.
  • Be in charge of you.



Tanya’s Education & background

Tanya Jarrett, a Pennsylvania native, is the founder of Live Fresh LLC, creator of the 28-day Ultimate Whole Foods Refresh and co-founder of The Simple Wealth Program. She practices her Nutrition services in York PA, &  focuses on inspiring women to take ownership of their lives so they no longer feel like they are trading their health for wealth. Her personalized nutrition approach has helped many people sit in the driver’s seat with their individual health and her layered approach in business helps entrepreneurs gain control of their financial health.


  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Health Management from Duquesne University
  • Masters of Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh
  • Nutritional Therapy certification
  • Group Fitness Trainer certification
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Lifestyle Skills Facilitator – National Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Miss Pennsylvania USA 2006
  • Board Member – Special Olympics Pennsylvania