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Chronic constipation and how it effects your health   The average American suffers from constipation! Chronic constipation! Did you know it’s estimated that over 4 million people in the US are dealing with this issue? This dynamic is a root cause for people getting

The long-term effects from using antacids or acid reducing medication e.g. proton pump inhibitors. I have worked with many women that have been put on this common and popular antacid or acid suppressing medication known as a proton pump inhibitor. Examples

Why am I still dealing with brain fog, fatigue, low energy, & weight gain with a normal thyroid result? As a Functional Medicine Coach, I have had numerous conversations with women surrounding thyroid health. I remember this one where she was

Healthy Holiday Recipes Holidays feasts can leave us feeling full, bloated, and tired!  If you are looking for some healthier options that are tasty, AND easy to make be sure to check out our Nutritional Therapist Tanya Jarrett's FUN holiday cooking